Success Stories

Phyllis runs a hardware shop and often deals with challenging customers, most of whom are small time labourers or contractors. But she says, “I can handle them without fear!”  She has taken more than one loan from ADOK and her profit has now than doubled. This money enables her to pay for her children’s education and also to grow the family farm.
Tabitha was drawn into a microfinance group through her church. She used her first loan to begin Winners Preparatory School, and was soon able to get another loan to carry out renovations and build a water tank. She now has over 40 children at the school and 3 teachers.
Lillian who used her loan to buy cows. Before joining she had been growing coffee and arrowroots but did not find she was making enough profit. Now on her fourth loan, she has 6 cows and 3 calves whose milk she can sell for a good profit.
ACK KIUMBU PRIMARY SCHOOL. which was started in the year 2012 with a loan borrowed from KCDT then, now ADOK. It is in Kirinyaga county in Mwea. It has a population of 120 pupils and 10 teachers who work tirelessly to keep the vision of the young generation alive. It is managed by the ACK Emmanuel Church Kiumbu Leaders assisted by the teachers.
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