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ADOK Investment CO-OP formerly KCDT is a network of groups formed under the parishes. By using this structure the church ensures accountability and transparency. Although the process of starting the Coopertive begun in the Anglican Church the membership  is open to the whole community. The communities have a lot of trust with the church and therefore are not worried that their money may be lost or misappropriated.

Since initiation of the program the membership has continued to increase in the past years. With this trend the secretariat of the trust has to upscale the trainings to cater for the new groups and also monitor the growing groups in the field to make sure that the groups are maintaining the right records and financial Management standards.

ADOK Investment Co-operative Society Ltd
St. Thomas Cathedral Kerugoya,
Eastern Wing, 3rd Floor Room 1
Po Box 338- 10300 -Kerugoya
Phone: +254 746 261 817
Email: info@adokinvestment.co.ke


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